Membership fees in the club

We have two types of fees in Aarhus Ultimate, membership fee and activity fee. The membership fee primarily covers the club’s membership in umbrella organizations and costs 300 DKK annually, payable on January 1st.

The activity fee is paid twice a year, once for the outdoor season (April 1st) and once for the indoor season (October 1st). These funds contribute to expenses such as hall rental, travel reimbursement, and social events. There are two activity fees, one for students and unemployed individuals (500 DKK per season) and one for employed individuals (650 DKK per season).

New members receive the first activity fee for 350 DKK.




Payment of membership fees.

1. Create a user account at
2. Pay for the membership fee.
3. Pay for the activity fee that suits you.
4. Come to training and become skilled at Ultimate!